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2017-18 Season

If you click on the blue score links you will be able to see our video highlights of the match.

15-Jul-17St Albans CityAPSM3-2-L. Theophanous, S. Deering, C. Cole
22-Jul-17Bishop’s StortfordAPSM6-2-OG, J. Ellul, S. Deering 2, B. Bricknell (P), L. Theophanous
29-Jul-17LEYTON ORIENTHPSM1-21672S. Deering
01-Aug-17QPR XIHPSM1-5-B. Bricknell
05-Aug-17ST JAMES SWIFTSHPSM545L. Theophanous, D. Waldren, S. Deering 2, D. Walker
08-Aug-17WEST HAM XIHPSM3-14582B. Bricknell, J. Pennant, S. Deering
15-Aug-17Lowestoft TownAILP2-1603J. Robinson, L. Theophanous
19-Aug-17 Dulwich HamletAILP3-11688B. Bricknell 2, J. Robinson
26-Aug-17BURGESS HILL TOWNHILP6-11110R, Evans, A. Cunnington 3, B. Bricknell, S. Deering
28-Aug-17THURROCKHILP5-0523B. Bricknell 2, J. Robinson 2, A. Cunnington
02-Sep-17DIDCOT TOWNHFAC1Q5-01159J. Robinson 3, R. Modeste, A. Cunnington (P)
09-Sep-17LEATHERHEADHILP1-01651J. Robinson
12-Sep-17 BRIGHTLINGSEA REGENTHILP4-0898A. Cunnington, J. Robinson 2, J. Pennant
17-Sep-17Thamesmead TownAFAC2Q1-1433J. Robinson
19-Sep-17THAMESMEAD TOWNHFAC2QR5-0771J. Robinson 3, A. Cunnington, L. Theophanous
23-Sep-17TOOTING & MITCHAMHILP1-01104R. Modeste
26-Sep-17BARKINGHILC15-1518J. Ellul, D. Walker 2, B. Bricknell 2
30-Sep-17Hungerford TownAFAC3Q1-1507R. Modeste
03-Oct-17HUNGERFORD TOWNHFAC3QR6-11024L. Theophanous, B. Bricknell 3, J. Lynch, OG
07-Oct-17HENDONHILP4-31988R. Modeste, A. Cunnington 2, B. Bricknell (P)
14-Oct-17Brackley TownAFAC4Q3-3731A. Cunnington 2, L. Theophanous
17-Oct-17BRACKLEY TOWNHFAC4QR2-11464R. Evans, S. Deering
21-Oct-17ENFIELD TOWNHILP2-11559B. Bricknell (P), S. Deering
24-Oct-17SOUTHEND UNITEDHESC37-31210B. Bricknell 3 (1P), J. Robinson 3, D. Walker
28-Oct-17TOOTING & MITCHAMHFAT1Q3-1864J. Ellul 2, R. Modeste
31-Oct-17Needham MarketAILP1-1607J. Robinson (P)
05-Nov-17LeatherheadAFAC11-11797B. Bricknell (P)
07-Nov-17Maldon & TiptreeAILC23-0336S. Watt, D. Inman 2
11-Nov-17BURY TOWNHFAT2Q 6-21376A. Cunnington, R. Swaine, J. Robinson 3, S. Deering
14-Nov-17MersthamAILP3-0247L. Theophanous 2, B. Bricknell
16-Nov-17LEATHERHEADHFAC11-33400A. Cunnington
18-Nov-17Harlow TownAILP4-2501S. Watt, J. Robinson (P), A. Cunnington, L. Theophanous
20-Nov-17KingstonianAILP2-0285B. Bricknell (P), L. Theophanous
22-Nov-17HEYBRIDGE SWIFTSHILC31-1355J. Robinson (Town win 5-4 on penalties)
25-Nov-17Hungerford Town AAFAT3Q2-0261J. Robinson, S. Watt
28-Nov-17Harrow BoroughAILP2-0201J. Robinson (P), A. Cunnington
30-Nov-17BASILDON UNITEDHESC43-0715L. Theophanous, J. Robinson, N. Wheeler
02-Dec-17LEISTONHILP4-0894A. Cunnington, J. Robinson 3
05-Dec-17MERSTHAMHILP2-2545A. Cunnington 2
09-Dec-17Staines TownAILP2-0454J. Robinson 2
16-Dec-17HAVANT & WATERLOOVILLEHFAT13-1705J. Robinson 2, S. Deering
19-Dec-17MET POLICE HILP3-0602J. Robinson 2, L. Theophanous
23-Dec-17Burgess Hill AILP4-3513M. Paine, L. Theophanous, S. Deering, J. Robinson
26-Dec-17THURROCKHILP1-01653J. Robinson
06-Jan-18MARGATEHILP1-11570A. Cunnington
09-Jan-18 HARLOW TOWNAESCQF3-0239B. Bricknell 2 (1P), D. Inman
13-Jan-18STOURBRIDGEHFAT23-21081J. Robinson, R. Modeste, B. Bricknell
16-Jan-18Wingate & Finchley AILC41-0172J. Robinson (P)
27-Jan-18Tooting & MitchamAILP6-2466D, Waldren 2, R. Swaine, J. Robinson 3
30-Jan-18WORTHINGHILP4-0594A. Cunnington 2, S. Deering 2
03-Feb-18Harrogate TownAFAT32-2846R. Swaine, A. Cunnington
06-Feb-18HARROGATE TOWNAFAT3R3-2820R. Modeste, J. Robinson, A. Cunnington
08-Feb-18ROMFORDHESCSF6-1662N. Wheeler 2, B. Bricknell 3, J. Robinson
10-Feb-18 Met PoliceAILP2-2310J. Robinson, R. Modeste
13-Feb-18LOWESTOFT TOWN HILP5-0643S. Deering 2, D. Waldren, B. Bricknell, J. Robinson
17-Feb-18LeistonAILP1-3502A. Cunnington
19-Feb-18CORINTHIAN CASUALSHILCSF3-1442L. Hughes, B. Bricknell, A. Cunnington
21-Feb-18Folkestone InvictaAILP1-2728B. Bricknell (P)
24-Feb-18WEALDSTONEHFATQF2-51823R. Swaine, R. Modeste
03-Mar-18 WorthingAILP1-21163J. Robinson
06-Mar-18DULWICH HAMLETHILP1-3988D. Inman
15-Mar-17DORKING WANDERERSHILP1-0279S. Deering
20-Mar-18CHELMSFORD CITYNESCF2-12528R. Evans, C. Butcher
22-Mar-18Tonbridge AngelsAILP1-2526B. Bricknell
24-Mar-18 HendonAILP1-4462J. O'Hara
26-Mar-18Wingate & FinchleyAILP3-1240D. Waldren, B. Bricknell (P), J. Robinson
28-Mar-18HARROW BOROUGHHILP2-0313J. Robinson, L. Rooney
31-Mar-18Leatherhead AILP1-1623J. Robinson
03-Apr-18TONBRIDGE ANGELSHILP2-1505S. Deering, L. Hughes
05-Apr-18Brightlingsea RegentAILP1-1452B. Bricknell (P)
07-Apr-18Enfield TownAILP1-1690A. Cunnington
09-Apr-18STAINES TOWNHILP5-3580M. Paine, B. Bricknell, R. Modeste, J. Robinson 2
11-Apr-18MET POLICENILCF5-3aet626J. Robinson, B. Bricknell 3, D. Waldren
14-Apr-18WINGATE & FINCHLEYHILP2-21048M. Paine, S. Deering
17-Apr-18Dorking WanderersAILP1-0326R. Modeste
19-Apr-18NEEDHAM MARKETHILP5-0741J. Robinson, 3, S. Deering, J. O'Hara
21-Apr-18MargateAILP2-1832S. Deering, J. Robinson (P)
24-Apr-18HARLOW TOWNHILP2-01687J. Kizzi, A. Cunnington
28-Apr-18FOLKESTONE INVICTAHILP2-22207R. Modeste, J. O'Hara
ILPIsthmian League Premier Division
ILCIsthmian League Cup
ESCEssex Senior Cup
FATF.A. Trophy

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