Yesterday’s late postponement of the game vs Concord Rangers was a huge disappointment for the whole club. Be it fans, players, staff or this custodian group, it ruins all of our days.  We would like to apologise to everyone for time wasted, expectations dashed and plans upset yesterday. Refunds for tickets will be issued unless you want to retain them for the re-arranged game. If you do want a refund then please email the club if you haven’t already been contacted.


Billericay Town FC, like all clubs, follow the protocols laid down by the FA and keep everyone informed as much as we can.  Ultimately though, it is rightly up to the matchday officials to make the final assessment. As recent fixtures show this can lead then to a mixture of outcomes. However, there is no doubt that our pitch is currently in a poor condition.


BTFC would like to assure everyone that we really are doing everything possible to get these games played. We do use protective sheets to cover the worst areas, we have industrial blowers, we have the machinery and manpower if required. It is certainly not a question of not providing everything that we can. Indeed, we’ve had other ground specialists down to support our own groundsman!  However, we do have to recognise the sheer volume of rain that we have had over the last couple of months. Couple that with a pitch that has historical issues and has been dug up, new drainage installed and then re-laid every summer for the last few years and there is undoubtedly a major ongoing situation to resolve.


We have already indicated, our intention is to pursue an artificial surface for both the current playing surface and a brand new facility behind the far stand. This will bring an end to this type of situation and we are hoping to make that a reality in time for next season (certainly for the main pitch).

Whilst all football purists would prefer to see us play on a grass surface, the economic realities are clear. It will also allow us to make New Lodge a true base for the whole club, bring training in house and make it more flexible in terms of hours. Additionally, we will have more of our teams playing their home games at our base for supporters to enjoy. Once we ‘ve achieved this then we will continue to find even more ways of placing the club ever more firmly at the heart of the community.


So that’s the plan but in the meantime, we have half a season to go and we can’t do anything major to the pitch as that would truly wipe it out for the season. There are still games to be played and won. We will continue to fight the elements and do everything that we can to get games played and to push on up the league. There will be more highs and lows but we thank you for sticking with us and for your patience. We are in this ‘together’.






Greg Lake

Vice Chairman

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