After speaking with our supporters at recent matches I would like to make the following statement.

Firstly Glenn has asked me to let you all know that he is currently in America having treatment for burnout but is in constant contact with me in helping with the current restructuring at the club.

Glenn has invested significant time and money since taking ownership of the club and he remains committed to continue with the progress made to date. The facilities the club now have are amongst the best in non league football and we have put the club in a strong position going forward for many years. We have recently had to make changes in order to restructure the club to get a balance in the finances. Glenn is still continuing to finance the club from his own personal wealth, but it needs to come to a point where it can survive within its own means. This is something we have always said we would strive to achieve.

To this end the club is in the process of forming a board including local businessmen and investors who will meet on a regular basis and form a business plan and make decisions in the best interests of the club to ensure that it is sustainable and has a solid footing going forward.

With regards the team, we recognise that recent changes have had an affect on results, but these changes were required and we firmly believe that we still have a very strong squad to compete in the National League South and that once we finalise the squad restructure the team will settle down and the results will come our way.

Our loyal supporters have continued to support us and we are very grateful for your understanding and we wish to reassure you that everything being done is in the best interests of the club. The continued support from you all is key to us in our mission to continue in the dream of one day making it to the football league.
It was never going to happen overnight but we have made big strides so far and we look forward to many more good times going forward.

I am always available to talk to you so if you have any questions please come and speak to me and don’t always believe what you read in the papers. We will be having a fans forum at the end of January and it will be our intention to hold one every quarter going forward.

If there are any significant statements to make we will keep our fans involved as always.

See you all at the AGP on Tuesday!!!

Dan Groves


Billericay Town FC

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