In light of recent media publications, and subsequent social media dialogue, I’d really like to try and rebuild relations that may have been damaged by the article.

Ever since my very first day at the club, I have been grateful for the support. I’ve admired the fan base and their commitment to both home and away fixtures. It’s right up there as some of the best you’ll find anywhere at this level of football. I’ve always shown gratitude and respect both in interviews, and in person to each and everyone of them. I’ll continue to do as long as I have the honour of being involved with the football club. There are fans that follow us everywhere, and understandably have been frustrated at times with performances and results. I’ve often made the effort to go and talk to the crowd, as have the staff and players, on a number of occasions. We all appreciate their feelings for their football club, and those conversations have helped us to better understand the DNA of Billericay Town FC and what the fans would like their team to look like and how best to represent them. We have close to a thousand people at most games and it’s special to have that kind of backing.

The interview in question, and quotes used in a recent newspaper publication, have been taken out of the context in which they were meant. I do sincerely apologise for any offence caused. My sentiments were meant to be a rallying call, and to ask for the entire club to be united over the coming weeks. We all know how important this period will be and we need to attack it as one.

I was quoted as referring to my time at the club being an ‘unpleasant’ one. This is not fair and nor is it in correct context.
I had spoken about being in a relegation battle since day one, the various changes and instability, the subsequent rebuild mid-season, without the time you would normally have to build a squad and It’s playing principles, as well as losing games and sensing peoples frustration and dissatisfaction. I had referred to it being difficult and hard to enjoy, as opposed to when you have time to build and are winning games, within a happier environment. I would like to just reiterate mine, the staff and squad’s determination to turn this around, for ourselves, the owners, but ultimately for the supporters. The club is the most important thing and the supporters are a the huge constant factor in that.

All I ever wanted to do was to unite everyone and emphasise how valuable the good support is and can be to us.

It’s also been brought to my attention that a twitter account set up to defend my position on recent matters (or to antagonise) may be impersonating me or is in some way connected to myself. I came away from social media a couple years ago and only have a fairly private Instagram account. I do have open dialogue with some Billericay Town Fans through that Instagram platform and have always tried to be approachable and honest in my communications. No other social media accounts attributed to me or insinuating a direct link to me are credible.

I hope this message helps to confirm our position and gratitude for the great support both home and away reiterates our openness to two way communication when and if it’s desired. I’ll always believe that togetherness and positivity are the best recipe for overcoming adversity, and we have that within the squad and we hope to cultivate that throughout the club and the fan base.

Reaching the Senior Cup final is a start, but we all know where our priorities lie, and will give everything to ensure that we leave this great football club in a better place than we found it and give the fans reward for their years of unwavering support.

Your sincerely…


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