I just wanted to say that many of you will now have seen on Twitter what’s happened regarding the two guys the Club recently tried to help – I just wanted to use more than 140 characters so I can speak from the heart about how I really feel about the situation.

As anticipated, the original gesture of providing a home & employment for the two was met with cynicism and it was labelled by some as a ‘publicity stunt’ which I can tell you now, genuinely hurt my feelings. In fact not only my feelings but my whole family’s – I can’t tell you how excited my kids were about us helping them – they talked and chatted about it a lot! They know they have a very privileged life and were genuinely excited about helping the guys – as a dad I felt incredibly proud. It was gut-wrenching having to explain to them what’s just happened. In their little minds it’s so difficult to understand why someone would DO that.

I just want to openly say that, although it’s been criticised as naive, I simply acted from the heart when I took the guys into the Club’s care. Of course I knew it wasn’t going to be all plain-sailing and I wasn’t arrogant enough to think I could magically solve all their issues with a bed & a job – I was also actively arranging the right medical care required to address their physical & mental issues. I really was trying to do right by them.

I’m obviously gutted it hasn’t panned out but I want to be clear – this setback WON’T change what’s in my heart & it WON’T stop me helping those who need it.

My heart is huge and it’s big enough to forgive the guy for taking a lot of stuff from the Club. He is fighting his own demons and that affects the choices and actions we make. I wish him well and I wish him health. I’m just so, so sorry that we couldn’t help him make a better choice for his future.

God Bless & cheers


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