Free to enter, prize will be arranged for the winner.
We are delighted to announce a trial tournament for a Billericay Town eSports team in partnership with Essex Wolves

We’re giving players an opportunity to not only get the feel for competing in a relaxed eSports setting, but they will also have the chance to go up against a member of the Billericay Town squad in the finals. If the players enjoy the tournament, we have the setup needed to give them that first step into the professional eSports scene!


Game: FIFA 22 (PS5 + Xbox Series X/S)

Mode: One on One Online Friendlies during qualifiers, One on One in Kick Off during the Finals.

Format: Online qualifiers will be played in a round robin tournament. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. The top seven players will qualify for the live finals, which will be played at the New Lodge on Saturday 30th July 2022 (Time TBC). The live finals will be a single elimination Knockout tournament where the remaining eight players will be seeded based on their qualifying results.

Schedule: Online qualifiers will take place on Saturday 2nd July 2022 (4PM Start Time), the live finals consisting of the tournament quarter finals, semi-finals and final on Saturday 30th July 2022 after BTFC’s pre-season fixture against Brentwood Town FC

* Players must be able to attend the live finals at the New Lodge Stadium on Saturday 30th July 2022.
* Players must sign up with their PSN or Xbox Live name.
* Results of every game must be reported to a tournament admin.

Match Details:
* Head-to-Head/Online Friendlies (1v1) Not Ultimate Team
* Teams from all leagues are allowed to be selected, aside from those in the ‘Rest of the World’ league.
* 6 Minutes each half
* Normal game speed
* Download latest squad types

Match Rules:
* Players must sign up to their match within 10 minutes of its scheduled match time
* In case of disconnection, players have 5 minutes to report this to a tournament admin.
* Players are responsible for reporting their own match score. This must be backed up with photographic evidence.
* Streaming is allowed as long as it does not provide any disruption to gameplay. If disruption is found, you may be asked to cease streaming. Failure to follow this would result in forfeiting the match.

During both online qualifiers and the live finals, players must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Failure to abide by this may result in dismissal from the tournament.

To sign up for the tournament please see the link below:

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