As a club, we take our responsibility to the BTFC family and the wider community very seriously. That is even more the case during this COVID-19 emergency. Through this period, where no football is being played and there are far more important issues, there is little for us to say. Although, we definitely do share with you that gap where football used to be in our lives. I did want to just offer an update though as we move into April.

The season has ended for 42 of our teams and when I speak to players, staff, parents and supporters across all of those teams it reminds me of just what a fantastic football club we have. For the 43rd of our teams, namely the men’s first team, we still await an announcement from the National League on what is happening regards this season never mind the next one. That leaves us with many uncertainties, not least of which are the plans for two new artificial pitches that we are putting into place over the summer. The work for both is still booked but the timing of when / if it can start is out of our hands. We also have to carefully weigh up the timing of the investment alongside what restrictions are likely to be in place come September. Luckily, we don’t have to make any further decisions for a few weeks and so may have a clearer understanding of how things will play out. All that I can promise is that we will make the right decision for the club given the information that we have and that our ambition for Billericay Town remains the same. We are here to build a community club that is self-sustaining and run for the benefit of everyone involved at whatever level. If we do end up having to delay anything because of what is happening then it will be just that – a delay.

The important thing as a football club is to make sure that we are here, stronger and ready for when this Covid-19 crisis is over in the UK and life starts to get back to normal. That in itself is a big responsibility given the financial situation that not playing games throws up. Especially given the revenue loss that we were already dealing with because of the cancellation of games due to the pitch. With this in mind, we are working with our men’s first team squad, management and our non-playing permanent staff to continue to pay a sensible level of wages. This is one of a number of measures that we are taking to protect both the club and people’s jobs. We will continue to review this position in line with the decisions and guidance that we get from the National league.

Please look after yourselves, and each other, and stay well. As you may know, we are working with the pastors and key partners such as the local Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and One Stop to provide essential goods to the vulnerable and people in need across the Billericay community. That will remain our priority and if you do need anything during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay Safe


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