Firstly, we would like to say a massive well done to Jamie and the team for a great evening of football on Tuesday night and a fantastic result. To the fans, volunteers and staff, thank you for providing such a memorable night.

The Consortium are proud to be the latest custodians of the club. It is made up of members, David McCartney, Greg Lake, Nick Hutt and Alex Morrissey, all of whom are fans of the club and have been involved in the Men’s, Women’s, Colts’ and Girls’ Teams for a number of years now.

Our short-term goals are to ensure our club is in a secure, stable and sustainable position and to get all the teams under the Billericay banner moving in the same direction with the help of everyone involved in the club and by reaching out to the Local Community to be a big part of the Club’s future.

In total there are 42 teams playing under the Billericay banner. We will be bringing these teams together into a tight-knit community club. Our intention is to ensure that all members of these teams feel a part of the future and that the club is all inclusive, provides a pathway to bring through talent and an environment for all to enjoy their football with the correct sporting ethos.

It is early days, and the Consortium must initially focus on the short-term requirements to enable the long-term goals to be reached. Though, to give you an idea, the long term plan includes further development of the existing facilities, to include the introduction of a 4G pitch and Sports Centre on the land behind New Lodge to give all teams a top class training facility and also for others in the community to benefit from. The introduction of a Club Academy to provide a pathway for our younger players to develop with the club.  To develop the social side of the club outside of match days and open up the facilities to the community as a venue for events. To continue to build this club with the community at its heart and as the main driving force behind us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Glenn for what he has given the club and community over the past three years. He has left the community with great memories and a ground that is second to none at our level of football. As can been seen from the reaction of the fans in recent days on social media, what he has achieved at this club will never be forgotten and puts us in a great place to bring this local football club forward for many years to come.

We will be looking at keeping you all informed of future plans and developments and rest assured we are working hard to make sure your club is in good hands and will continue to achieve great things. The main thing to emphasise, is that this is a Community Club and it is now that we all need to be together and make sure that we help to grow this club and take it into the future.
We will be announcing a date for the fans’ forum in the next few days, please feel free to come and ask us any questions you may have or alternatively come and speak to us on match days. Remember we are all in this together and as with anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out.

BTFC Consortium

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