We’d like to start with a huge thank you from all us to the record number of fans who have purchased a season ticket this year. The support that you continue to show and your continued backing for the club shows what amazing fans we have. That said, we recognise that people purchased their tickets believing, as we did, that you would be able to come and watch games. As far as our Men’s National League side are concerned we now know that this is not the case and none of us can truly be sure when that situation will change. Therefore, and recognising that everyone’s circumstances are different we would like to offer the following options with regards to your existing season ticket :-

  1. You can receive a full refund now.
  2. You can ask for a refund at any point until we get fans back in to our home games. You will receive a pro-rated refund for the number of home games still to play. So if we’ve already played a quarter of the home games, you’d get 3 quarters of the ticket price back. Its’ worth noting that you would lose the remaining season ticket benefits listed below at this point.
  3. You can keep your season ticket for this season and we will offset the number of games that you can’t come in to watch the men’s first team against the cost of next season’s ticket. So for example, if we aren’t allowed fans for half of the league home games this season, then next season the ticket will be half price. Before anyone asks – no we aren’t planning on a huge rise in the cost of a season ticket next year ☺

We remain committed to giving our season ticket holders as much value as we can, so its worth just listing the potential benefits that would be in place whilst people retain their ticket :-

  • If numbers are restricted for our home matches then Season ticket holders will get priority access.
  • Season ticket holders will get a free subscription (code details to follow) to our new live streaming service for all home games. This will cost £8.49p to non-season ticket holders to watch on a per game basis.
  • Season ticket holders will still get free access to our other ticketed games such as our Women’s first team and Reserves plus the men’s U23s. Of course, we can still currently have fans in to these matches.

Hopefully this all makes sense but, of course,  we are happy to answer any questions via all of the normal contact points. We have tried to cover the needs that everyone might have during these unprecedented times. There is no right answer.

We will be writing / emailing all of our season ticket holders early next week with these options.

Finally, and for all of our fan base, it’s worth stating that we have many games at New Lodge now which are free to watch in line with the Covid guidelines with Track and Trace in operation. Your football fix is still available to watch our younger teams and the talent of the future.

Thank you

Alex, Dave, Greg, Nick and Rob

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