All Season Ticket Holders

Whilst we await the decision on whether fans can attend our FA Trophy game on Tuesday night, we would like to ensure that all season ticket holders are assured of having the option to attend and have first option on ticket sales.

The Board have decided that although this game is a Cup Game and we are not in a position to sell tickets at this stage, we invite you all to contact the club by email at or by calling the club ticket office tomorrow morning between 9-12pm to confirm if you are intending to come to the game.

The club will then reserve a space in our intended 500 crowd limit. This will be at no cost to season ticket holders.

As this is a FA Competition the gate takings are split between the two clubs and BTFC will therefore cover this cost.

We will know tomorrow afternoon if we will be permitted to have fans at the match and will announce this as soon as we have a decision. We really do hope that we can have you all back in on Tuesday night!!!

Greg, Dave, Rob, Nick and Alex.

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