We would like express our deep regret for the circumstances in which we find ourselves writing this. As fans ourselves, we know just how frustrated, hurt and disappointed you will all be feeling. As a group, we would like to offer our sincere apologies and take full responsibility for the position we have ended up in. When we took over the club we knew there was a lot of restructuring to be done. Together we have tried our best to make the club sustainable. We have financially stabilised for now and the future. We are one big family of teams playing under one umbrella which in the past was not the case. We have invested in two 3G pitches that in time will help sustain the club for the foreseeable future. We have a very successful academy that is linked to Chelmsford College which is growing each year. This will all benefit the men’s first team which never stopped being our top priority.

We didn’t think that we would be in this position under our tenure and we will ensure that we give it our upmost priority to rectify it.
We know that you will have your own views as to what went wrong, but clearly we have made mistakes. As a club ,we will continue to strive to grow from strength to strength. We know that the BTFC community needs us more than ever and we will carry out a restructure to ensure that we deliver. We would like to state as the board of a vastly growing club that we are fully committed to Billericay Town FC’s future and we will continue to support the club. We will do what’s necessary to get the men’s first team back to the league in which we belong. However, we can’t meet this goal without all your continued help and support. It really is appreciated and a source of great strength. It is our responsibility as a board to reposition ourselves and do everything we can to take this great club forward again.

Billericay Town FC Board of Directors

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