I’m delighted to announce that a streaming platform has been setup by the club as a facility for our fans until we can have them back into the stadium.

Myself (Ben) and Richard Ingham (Webmaster) have looked into all the current streaming services out there. We have decided that making the clubs own platform would be the best financial option, and the easiest to control / use both for ourselves and the supporters. It will be a work in progress  and something we will constantly try to improve and fix if necessary. We must also add the we are not at fault for a poor stream if you have poor internet connection. The price for a single match streaming pass will be £8.49, with confirmed season ticket holders gaining FREE access to every game. With the streaming services many clubs are going with, a large percentage of revenue goes to the service provider. We have manged to create something quickly to ensure that our club retains the money from streaming pass revenue. On the club website there will be a section for Live Streaming on the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Obviously, Season ticket holders bought their tickets on the basis that they would be able to attend home games. The club have recently issued a number of options for fans to choose from given the current restrictions. For those who confirm their wish to retain their season tickets, the code on the front of your season ticket e.g. (RIC000123) is the access code you can use to enter on the streaming page of the website and be able to watch the latest match straight away. IMPORTANT – If multiple season tickets were ORDERED under the same name, they will have the same ‘RIC’ code. In this case you will need to put ‘-1, -2, -3’ (RIC000123-1) at the end of your ‘RIC’ code depending on how many were ordered under your name. As you can only use one code at any one time this will enable each family member to watch the stream independently if they wish.

If you are still yet to receive or collect your season ticket then please contact the club so we can give you your ‘RIC’ code/s

If you do log in early on a match day, and access the stream page, do not worry if there does not appear to be anything there. This will be because we will not have gone live at that point. We aim to be live from 15mins before KO for each home game.


As stated previously, the price for a single match streaming pass is £8.49. After clicking onto the Live Streaming page, you will be presented with 3 options:

  • Login (as ST holder)
  • Buy Match
  • Enter access code

Once the single match pass has been bought, you will be automatically emailed a serial number that can be entered into the box to get straight into the stream. Once entered in, you will be taken into the stream page, if there does not appear to be anything there, it is likely that we haven’t gone live yet. We aim to be live from 15mins before KO for each home game.

Like many clubs at our level this is a step into the unknown, but we feel that we have the capabilities of running a smooth professional live stream. If you have any questions, please feel free to message myself or the club. It really has been a challenge but we’re very excited that there is finally a safe way for supporters to follow the season. UTB!

Ben Robinson

Head of Media

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