The club takes its commitment to both our guests ,and our neighbours, extremely seriously. Therefore, we are very aware that the improvements to our facilities have had a knock on effect to parking in the area. It is a problem that has always existed to a degree on match days but is now growing to impact other peak periods especially in the evenings. To be honest, we had underestimated the number of cars that would be arriving as a result of the new pitch.  We are making every effort to resolve this as we understand the frustration that it is causing. This was obviously not our intention.

To resolve this issue, we are changing the plans for the construction of our second pitch to ensure that from 23/09/20 we will have an additional 70 spaces available for off road parking on our own site. This will supplement our existing ‘layby’ / in ground parking and  keep on road parking to a minimum.

We also continue to work with our good neighbours the Cricket Club as part of our sports Hub relationship, to provide some additional parking at times convenient to their own activity. However, we would ask all of our guests both the BTFC family, and our visitors to respect the following requests :-

  1. Please try to keep cars to a minimum where you can – whilst adhering to Covid guidelines.
  2. Please respect our neighbours and park responsibly. Do not park in areas that have been coned off as this causes issue for traffic trying to pass safely.
  3. When parking is possible at the Cricket Club – please park sensibly in the nearest part of the car park. Do not walk across their grass in boots – please stick to the paths. We are their guests and trying to provide a well-run and mutually beneficial sports hub.
  4. Do not drop litter – we are litter picking the area frequently but are amazed at the amount that is just being thrown to the ground. Please take it home or place it in the litter bins provided in the ground before you leave.

We will have stewards (in High Visibility jackets)  at peak times to help direct you to park and ensure that you are safe. When they are present please follow their guidance. We have had a few instances where they have suffered abuse –  this is not acceptable regardless of any frustration.  They are volunteers and the club have a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse directed at our staff.

We thank everyone for their patience. We are working hard to provide a facility that the community can be proud of and want to come along and enjoy sport. On a positive front, there was a very significant need in the area for the kind of facility that we are now providing.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience caused. As a club, we will continue to strive to be a credit to Billericay.

Our contact details are available on the website for emails and phone contact. Please speak to us on this or any other concerns that you may have

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