We are still working with Trading Standards, and The National league, to get our fans in for the game on Tuesday night at home vs Braintree. There is now a meeting on Monday afternoon to finalise this. It is worth noting that whilst some other teams have had their application accepted others, at our level, others have not. So we are busily ensuring that every possible area is covered to allow us to get a crowd to shout the team on for this game. Of course, tiering permitting, this process will also stand us in good stead for future games as well.

We will be ensuring that our season ticket holders can get into the ground if allowed. Once the crowd is confirmed for Tuesday, the website will prioritise applications accompanied by the season ticket number. We thank you, once again for your patience.

We ‘d also like to give you a very brief update on the progress towards finding a new men’s first team manager. We have had a very strong set of applications in the last week. The window for applications has now closed and the board will discuss the individuals against the criteria that we have set for this appointment. We will then produce a short list of names to interview and push this forward as quickly as we are able. In the meantime, please continue to get behind Danny/ Ronnie and the boys.

Alex, Dave, Greg, Nick and Rob

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