Just a brief note to say thank you for everyone’s support throughout 2019, especially at New Lodge and the away games, following and encouraging the team. We would also like to thank and highlight all those “behind the scenes,” who continue to put in lots of time and effort and make the Club tick and run so smoothly.

It has been what some would call a hectic year at the club, but with all the changes happening behind the scenes and indeed on the pitch to have your support throughout it all has been nothing short of incredible and we thank you for sticking by us in what has been a very testing few months.

We would like to thank Jamie and his staff who have done a fantastic job working alongside us through what hasn’t been an easy task with stability taking presidence, we are still very much in the transistional period and there will still be some player in/outs whilst Jamie continues to build a team he feels is capable of pushing up the league.

We would like to remind you all that our next Fans Forum will be on January 16th 6:30pm in the clubhouse, we encourage you all to attend as we look to highlight where we are as as a club after our first few months in charge,  plans for the remainder of the season and beyond and of course we want to answer the questions from the people that matter, you the supporters

So thanks again, and we hope to continue to see you in such great numbers for the upcoming games. Please carry on introducing new friends and family members to  Billericay Town and helping to make New Lodge such a vibrant place to be these days.

Have a great New Year and here’s to continued progress in 2020!

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