I rarely read social media posts and not having any form of social media myself I only really get to see what is sent to me and I very rarely get involved. When feedback and comments are constructive and positive it is great for the club and I love seeing them. Every football team, regardless of league and situation will always receive some form of negativity and everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when I see “ex-employees” disguising negativity towards Billericay Town FC as “passion” for the club whilst pursuing their own agenda it has a detrimental effect on the hard-working people behind the scenes that put their heart and soul into making the club a success and I will do everything in my power to protect these people and the club.

I speak to Glenn almost every day and he is fully aware of everything that is happening here at Billericay.

Myself, Glenn and the board are 100% behind Dean and his team after recent restructuring of the entire setup for the benefit and longevity of the club.

As everyone is aware, the goals set were to become self-sufficient and stable in the national league and this has been our main priority behind the scenes since the first day of the season.

if anyone has any questions relating to Billericay Town Football Club, I am at every game! Home and Away! And as many of you know I am more than approachable, and I enjoy talking to everyone!

Dan Groves

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