You will undoubtedly have been following developments around the National league funding and the continuation of the season. As a club, we have deliberately remained silent and continued to work with the league to find a way through what is an extremely difficult situation for all concerned. It is also an issue which has attracted very differing points of view from both clubs and fans. We respect everyone’s opinion and especially those of fellow clubs as everyone has different circumstances.

However, our job as custodians of Billericay Town FC is to do the right thing for our club, our commercial sponsors, the staff, the players and our fan base. That is not just about ensuring the financial viability of the club for the future but the immediate health and safety of all involved.

For the first part of this season, we had the money from the lottery grant, as well as our own season ticket money and corporate sponsorship, to cover our costs. We are extremely grateful to all concerned in continuing to back the club. However, since the beginning of this year we have had to increasingly provide funds ourselves to cover the season continuing. That would remain the case until either additional funding is provided or until restrictions are lifted and we can use our facilities and have fans back in. That is an unsustainable position when there is no clarity on what is likely to happen over the next few weeks.

We are now faced with making a decision about Saturday’s match. After due consideration, and conversations with the league, we have agreed that we will fulfil the fixture to allow time for more clarity on both the vote of the league continuing and on the potential funding situation. To maintain a financially stable position, and to ensure that our contracted players can remain furloughed with income, we will be fielding a team comprising of our existing five non-contracted players and our under 23 side. We have funded Covid testing for this group of players and they are training in advance of the game. Our staff and volunteers will be subject to the full Covid protocols as always

This is obviously not an ideal scenario but allows us to meet our obligations in the best way that we can at this stage. We will review the situation on a ‘game by game’ basis and in line with continued dialogue with all parties. We ask for our fans continued patience, backing and understanding.

As they say, we live in unprecedented times !

Alex, Dave, Greg, Nick and Rob

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