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What we offer is far from the norm! That’s not to say we don’t deal with the routine accounts stuff, but we go a lot, lot further than that. Unique Accountants inspire business owners to get results that truly count, by discovering the financial clarity of how you affect your results and how they affect you. We offer three levels of service, depending on where you’re at right now and even if you already have an accountant you can book a strategy session with us.


Ever felt like your business is controlling you, rather than you controlling your business? Want to get back in the driver’s seat and get results that truly count?

Re-connect with what really drives you and ensure that you have the essential foundations in place for growth. Discover how financial clarity is the key to making decisions that count and getting back on track. Learn how to strategically unleash the value within you and your business.

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t: 0845 230 2065



A: Unique Accountants, The Old Granary, Dunton Road, Basildon, Essex. SS15 4DB

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